Register Details

Registrar and contact information

Fast Monkeys
Metsänneidonkuja 6, 02130 Espoo, Finland

Name of the register

User register of Statbeat service

Purpose of register

The register is used for providing the Statbeat service.

Information content of the register

The following information may be stored in the register:

  • User's personal details: Name, gender, birthday, height, weight
  • User's contact information: email address
  • User's account details: password (stored in encrypted format)
  • User's social connections in the service
  • User's team memberships
  • User's attendances to events and matches
  • User's activities in the service
  • Messages the user has posted to the service
  • User's match statistics

Regular sources of information

Information provided by the user on registration to the service or later when using it.

Regular handovers of information

Information is not regularly handed over to third parties.

Transfers of information outside the EU and the European Economic Area

Information may be stored to a server that may be located outside of the EU and the European Economic Area.

Register protection principles

The information is stored on computers owned by the server hosting company. The access to the information is restricted with passwords and the physical access to the computers is restricted by the server hosting company.